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The Rules
Earl Grey

Price Changes

Price Recalculation

The Christmas Break

Earl Grey - Price Realignment

Tea-Bag Availability (Ty-Phoo)

Great News!

Intrigue and Mystery...

Holiday Milk

Money and Tissues

An Important Lesson

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The Profit Share
Profit Sharing...
Share of the Profits
Ordinary Tea
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As from the beginning of term I am taking over the scheme.
There is no money in the scheme. Anything you owe to
the old system will be collected by S.
When I have some money I will buy some supplies.
Apart from the basic supplies of
tea, coffee (granular?) and milk. Is there anything else
which you would like supplied. If there is sufficient demand
I will try to provide it.
I expect people using the scheme to stay in credit in future.
Please make an effort to find me to put yourself in credit.

Secondly :
The fridge in the pantry is for use of the coffee scheme.
Others are welcome to use it if there is space, but as from
Monday 4th October, anything which is not labelled as
belonging to someone will be assumed to belong to the coffee
scheme and disposed of accordingly.


The Rules

1. Please make sure that you mark off the sheet when you have a drink.
Apparently some people think that this is no longer necessary.

2. I have applyed the following price changes:
Coffee with milk 16p
Coffee without milk 10p
Tea with milk 8p
Tea without milk 3p
Milk only 6p

I will revue these when usage settles down.

3. I will attempt to keep milk etc available.
If you find that milk has run out would you
buy a 4pt of semi skimmed from Asda and
credit the cost to your account.

A couple more points:

4. Mugs etc which are left in the kitchen will be put in
the cupboard by the fridge. Any not removed from
there will be disposed of.

5. There are new sheets with names in alphabetical order.
There is a hospitality row. Drinks for departmental visitors
can be charged to this. This does not include personal
friends which should be charged to your own account.

6. For the next few days there will be a spoon amnesty.
During this time coffee scheme spoons may be returned
to the kitchen without the person responsible being
subjected to cruel and unusual punishment!


Earl Grey

Earl gey tea bags have been provided for those who like them.
Same cost as regualr tea bags.

Over the weekend > 1 pt of milk was used with only two cups signed for.
If you use stuff over the weekend please sign up as usual.


Price Changes

Having found a cheaper source of coffee and looking at milk use
I can announce the following price changes:

Coffee with Milk 13p
Coffee without milk 8p
Tea with milk 7p
Tea without milk 3p
Milk only (for T/C) 5p

Happy consuming!


Price Recalculation

Milk is proving more expensive than I thought.
Therefore the following price rises come into effect:

Coffee with milk 14p

Milk only 6p

Cup of milk 20p



The Christmas Break

The coffe scheme will stop for the Christmas break on Thursday 23rd December
and restart on Monday 10th January.

A happy Christmas to all our readers!


Earl Grey - Price Realignment

We are loosing money on tea, particularly Earl grey.

I have therefore increased the price of Earl gery by 1p:

Earl grey 5p
With milk 10p


Tea-Bag Availability (Ty-Phoo)

Due to the fact that typhoo tea bags are disappearing I am not leaving
them out at the moment.
A tea bag can be obtained from J. Otherwise ask me for one.


Great News!  Well done to one and all!

The coffee scheme is now making a profit. 

Some of this is being returned to you by crediting you with 10% of your total contribution.


Intrigue and Mystery...

Where is the sugar container?


Holiday Milk Availability

Milk will not be provided by me from April 17th to May 2nd.
If you require milk buy 1 or 2 pints and credit yourself on the charge sheet.


Money and Tissues

I found a some money in a drawer in the kitchen.
Unless it is claimed I will donate it to the coffee scheme.

PS  The tissues are there to allow you to dry a teaspoon before putting
it in the sugar, coffee etc.


A Very Important Lesson from Another Coffee Scheme

I think we can all learn something from this:

"I went into the kitchen this morning to make myself a cup of coffee.
I had to wash 20 cups, as many teaspoons and other cutlery and plates and
then I had to clean the counters.

Profit Sharing News

The final profit share pay back for this year has been made this week.
This was 10% of your total contributions.


The Profit Share

The final profit share pay back has been made this week.
This was 10% of your total contributions.


Profit Sharing...

you have been credited with 10% of your total contributions.


Share of the Profits

10% of your contributions have been added to your account


Ordinary Tea      

This morning a new pack of ordinary tea bags was opened, but no tea was signed for.

If this was you and it was an oversight, could you let me know.

We lose a significant number of ordinary tea bags. if it is just a matter of oversight, that would not be a problem.  I am considering not supplying them any more if losses continue as it penalises users who do sign up.


Profits Again!   

1. A percentage of this years takings has been credited to those who paid.

2. Caffee Direct coffee is also being provided. If you prefer this please let me know.  It is more than twice as expensive.


Democracy!!   new

Could you let me know if the nescafe is better/worse than the Sainsbury's coffee in your opinion.

My preferred coffee is:  

Current standings:

Sainsbury's    6   
Nescafe    0
No preference    2
Total    8

(and none of that sneaky multiple voting - we're registering IP addresses so we'll know!!!)


Missing Milk

In the last couple of days, did anyone take a container of milk (greentop)
from the fridge in the Pantry?


Coffee Recipes

A page dedicated to all the greatest coffee based recipes supplied by you, our loyal coffee scheme readers.

Go to the coffee recipes page.  Please feel free to e-mail your own favourites.



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